Calgary's Premier Security Services Training Program

Dive into excellence with the DPS Security Service Training in Calgary, Canada. Our 40-hour online course and offline course is your gateway to becoming a licensed Security Services Professional. Elevate your skills and join the ranks of elite security professionals in Alberta.

Swift Training: 40 Hours

Enroll online and start working within a week after passing the exam.

Wages: $15 – $26 per hour

Competitive hourly pay for Alberta Security Professionals.

Flexibility: Online Learning

Dynamic program by Calary experts in security and education.

Why Choose DPS Security Service Training in Calgary?

Are you equipped with excellent communication skills, physical fitness, and a passion for rule enforcement? Transform these attributes into a licensed security service career in Alberta through our 40-hour online course and exam. Whether working independently or as part of a team, security guards and professionals play a crucial role in monitoring, patrolling, and safeguarding people and property across various settings. This course serves as your gateway to a rewarding career in loss prevention, executive protection (personal bodyguard), alarm response, and more.

DPS Security Service Training, based in Calgary, paves the way for your Security Service Worker Licence by fulfilling the necessary training requirements. Our online approach seamlessly blends expertly crafted content in security and adult education, empowering you with student-led learning and the flexibility to access materials from your tablet, desktop, or mobile device at your convenience. Elevate your potential with DPS Security Service Training.

Requirements for Enrollment

  • Fluent English in speech and writing.
  • Age 18 or above.
  • Demonstrate good character with positive employment references.
  • Clear criminal record via a current police information check (CPIC) with a vulnerable sector search.

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